Review: Velveteen by Daniel Marks


I know, I know…. I made another review in Romanian, but I tried to do another one in English too, after all I really enjoyed it ^^

First of all, this was my first book that I ever read in English and I must admit that it was a challenge for me. At the beginning I didn’t understand a thing, except for one thing, the main character, Velveteen was dead and she was hunting her killer, Bonesaw, or Ron Simanski, or whatever his name is, because in the book, was really important for the story.

What should I say? I liked the book and it was funny trying to understand it, even if it was a little difficult for me, and I also liked the idea of a life in afterlife, even if it is in Purgatory and you must do whatever you can to save it for destruction and fight against one of the most dangerous and mad ghosts ever.

Then it was the action, at first complicated and making no sense, but then, after I used a dictionary, I started to understand what the writer wanted to say: the afterlife is shared in three parts: heaven, hell and purgatory, where Velvet was trapped.

After every page that I read, I imagined the purgatory being dark, full of ash where people tried to have a normal afterlife, doing usual chores like cleaning, having a job, having some shows for fun and trying to survive to the shadow quakes.

What’s a shadow quake? Well it is something very bad, bad enough to destroy the purgatory and kill the ghosts, or send them somewhere where they can’t go back to afterlife. It is provoked by simple things like haunting, or trapping spirits in something like crystal balls (those crystals used by mediums to see the future) and Velvet’s mission was to find those prisoners and set them free.

This is how Velvet met her soul mate, Nick, a gorgeous and perfect ghost boy. He was my favorite character along with Luisa, Velvet’s best friend and the ghost of a 12 years old girl who died in the night of Halloween with her twin brother, Logan. But even if they were 12 years old, they were much older than Velvet and Nick, and actually they were those persons who were always responsible and I liked them very much.

Title: Velveteen

Author: Daniel Marks

Publishing House: Delacorte Books for Young Readers

Publishing Year: 2012

Rate: 3/5


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