Review: The Call From Within by Eri Nelson (Dearhart Clan #1)

It has been a while since I wrote my last English review and I’m sorry for having such a long break. I know that there aren’t so many non-Romanian readers here, but I still feel sad because I have neglected the English books.

The Call From WithinSo, today I finished reading a new novel written by Eri Nelson and I loved it!

It’s about werewolves and even if I’m a Dimitri Belikov, Christian Ozera, or Stefan Salvatore fan, I have to admit that my favorite night creatures are werewolves. I like the stories with them as much as I love stories between two soul mates, especially when these two parts are in the same book, like this one.

Yes! This is an amazing book about the imprinting process between a werewolf and his soulmate, and it was amazing (even if it was a little short). The main characters are Owen and Kristen and they are perfect for each other. Owen is a free werewolf and the Alpha of his pack, while Kristen is as freshmen in the forest world.

Actually the entire novel is some kind of an introduction of the series. This book presents each and every detail of the life of werewolves and what it comes with. It describes very well the feelings that a werewolf has when he finds his mate and what he has to do in order to keeping her safe, which is quite romantic.

There is also a new creature and even if I couldn’t find the Romanian word equivalent, it is still interesting. Eri also introduces the Shapeshifter, which is something half animal and half human, and seems to be very powerful. That is, powerful enough to make a werewolf a bit dizzy  after a fight.

Well, if I’ll write anymore about this, probably I’ll tell you all the story and you’ll never discover all the mysteries by yourselves. So, for more details, read the book. It is amazing!

What I liked: Everything! It was perfect: the story, the characters, the mystery, and the love story between Owen and Kristen.

What I didn’t like: It was too short. I want more!

Title: The Call From Within

Author: Eri Nelson

Publishing House: EAN LLC

Publishing year: 2011

Rate: 5/5

Note: In collaboration with my friend, Simona, and with the approval of the author, we’ll have this book in a book tour between two Romanian bloggers. Hope you’ll enter on my friend’s blog too, to see her opinion.


One thought on “Review: The Call From Within by Eri Nelson (Dearhart Clan #1)

  1. erinelson says:

    I am so honored that you enjoyed the book. There is no greater feeling than an author receiving praise from a reader.

    I thank you so very much!!

    Best Wishes
    Eri Nelson

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