Review: The Chosen by Andrea Buginsky (The Chosen #1)

Even if I gave this book 3 stars, it doesn’t matter that I disliked it. I really enjoyed it and all the ideas it had. It reminded me the days when I was living with my grandparents and they read to me our traditional stories about supernatural creatures, elves, dwarfs, giants and so on. It was a relaxing reading and I was glad to discover that I still can dream and remember the days when I truly believed that I can be a fantastic elf with a magic bow and many arrows made by their Queen.The Chosen #1

But this book has a very interesting story. There is a great Evil in Phantasma, and a special group formed by six persons must fight against it and defeat it. This group is called ‘The Chosen’ and it’s formed by two Goliaths (a powerful wizard and a shaman) two elves and their daughter who is a druid and the young Hali, a dwarf with a special power: to heal and resurrect the dead persons. She is a Paladin.

The main character is Hali, and she can be everything what you want, but not an warrior. She is shy, peaceful and she wanted to be a teacher, not someone who is in the middle of the battlefield. Until the day when the Queen of the elves came and told her that she is one of ‘The Chosen’ and she must help her team members to survive to this important quest. She accepted and when she arrives at the castle she began a special training to develop her skills.

Meanwhile she falls in love with one of the two Goliaths, but I won’t say who he is, because then there wouldn’t be any mystery here, and I don’t want to break you pleasure of reading.

But I can tell you that this story has a happy ending and I was pleased to discover that I understood ever passage and word. I was happy because I hadn’t any difficulties of reading it.

Thanks to the author for giving me the chance of reminding that I still can dream and do whatever I want if I try, even if in some circumstances I look like Hali.

Titke: The Chosen

Author: Andrea Buginsky

Publishing year: 2010

Rate: 3/5


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