Review: Destiny Repeats Twice by Eri Nelson (Isabella (Izzy) Tulley & Aiden Black #1)

This review is from another book series written by Eri Nelson and even if I am a daydreamer and I couldn’t understand the author’s point of view until she didn’t tell me that she wanted to make the story much credible and the relationship between the two main characters should be much more realistic, not only pink clouds and shinny words.

Destiny Repeats TwiceIzzy and Aiden are only attracted one by other and they don’t share that strong and wonderful bound that it is formed between two lovers.

I really like those two and they are so well done, that they seemed to be soul mates. It was a shock for me to see that they separated each other in the end.

The book’s plot was very good. It was the first book that I read about Gods, Demi Gods and Mortal Gods. It was amazing to see the involvement of the Titans in our modern world and how the other Gods have modeled their selves to fit into our world. One of them, Mnemosyne, the Goddess of Memory, Izzy’s sister, has even a job on Earth and has a human name, Meg. I liked her the most. She is mature and even if she kept so many secrets from her little sister, she always loved her very much.

Also I find that the relationship between Meg and Aiden is very funny. They seem to hate each other and they also seem to annoy each other in purposely.

About Aiden, I like him as a man, but I still don’t get what is his true role in the story. He is some start button to Izzy’s power of time traveling and as I saw, he seemed to get some sort of a gift by being bounded with Izzy: he will age very slowly. Or at least this is what I understood from Meg’s last monologue. She cast a spell on him to petrify and stay quiet and not yelling at her while she told him this.

Hm… there was an action too. A fight between brothers. It is a little unexpected for me because in every book that I read before, all the brothers loved each other, not were trying to kill their selves. As Gailen was trying to do all the book. Killing his mortal sister, Izzy. It was an amazing fight, even if at one moment I lost the track of the power blazes.

I liked the book very much. And I hope that in the next one I’ll discover more things about Aiden. I am so curious about him, and where he disappeared in this book.

Original Title: Destiny Repeats Twice

Author: Eri Nelson

Publishing year: 2011

Rate: 4/5


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