Review: The Guardian of My Soul by Emily A. Lawrence (Soul’s Desire #1)

This is Emily’s debut novel, but it turned out to be a wonderful and amazing book which gave me the feeling that I can do more if I follow my heart and ignore what others say. After all, I’m not living with them, I live with myself andSoul's Desire #1 at the right time I’ll live with Him, whomever he will be.

Kristen Mancuso has everything: fame, friends, best friends, an amazing mother, and the driving force that makes the world go round: money. But her life isn’t complete without the love and the respect of a man. A man who will do whatever it takes to keep her safe, a man who can be more than her bodyguard, a man like Alec. And when she meets him, everything changes. Kristen’s world starts shaking and collapses, only to be rebuilt in the end.

I devoured the book, and it was absolutely delicious. It made me feel like I can have something beautiful and amazing like Kristen and Alec even if I don’t have all the money, all those friends or fame. I can be like them, or even more if I meet the right man. The other things will become mere dispensable things.

I’ve never felt more relaxed and involved in a book like Emily made me feel with her funny, hot, and palpitating paragraphs or the simple thing that her characters are actually real people, not super-people like we are used to encounter in YA books.

The series continues with Unforgettable Hearts, which was released this year, and I promise to post the review very, very soon.


Title: The Guardian of my Soul

Author: Emily A. Lawrence

Publishing House: Beau Coup Publishing

Publishing Year: 2013

Rate: 5/5



7 thoughts on “Review: The Guardian of My Soul by Emily A. Lawrence (Soul’s Desire #1)

  1. Teo AnNa says:

    The first time I heard about this book I said ok, it looks interesting but now I don’t have time for it. Now, I see it again and I’m pretty sure that it’s a good book and I want to read it as soon as possible.

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