Review: Unforgettable Hearts by Emily A. Lawrence (Soul’s Desire #2)

Emily has a new hobby: to impress me when I expect less. A few months ago I got this book in my mailbox and I couldn’t believe that I have my first book with an autograph from her, and God knows how much I longed for one. Living in Romania has not as many benefits when it comes to books.

Unforgettable Hearts by Emily A. Lawrence from Beau Coup PublishIn this new release we meet new characters and new stories even if the Mancusos are mentioned a little. This story is more pure and innocent than the “The Guardian of My Soul” but it doesn’t mean that Emily stopped writing hot scenes, no sir. There are plenty of them, so I recommend this book for persons who are over 18 years old. ^^

Ellie has a childhood crush, a boy who was everything for her: friend, big brother, best friend, and now lover – Tyler.

Seven years have passed since they were separated by Ellie’s family moving to New York, and if she thought that things have changed, she’ll have a big surprise when she’ll meet him again. Tyler has changed into a gorgeous man with those amazing green eyes that Ellie has always loved. Their love transcends time, and they complete each other even now after all those lost years.

But, in life nothing is that simple, and Emily introduces us to some characters which make the action even more interesting: with an obsessed beautiful man and a crazy ex-girlfriend, the book has ups and downs which make me feel like in an endless roller coaster, and I simply love it.

Reading this book I discovered once again that the right person can make you feel more special than the Queen of England herself or more important the USA’s President. Reading the book I cried, laughed and I was stunned when I saw how incredible, mean and insupportable a woman can when madness overcomes her.

In the end, I want to inform you that I am very proud that I had the chance to read a book written in English by a Romanian girl. She broke all barriers and made herself heard in the world by trying something different, something more. Emily, I’m proud to be one of your faithful fans and I wish you all the best.


Title: Unforgettable Hearts

Author: Emily A. Lawrence

Publishing House: Beau Coup Publishing

Publishing Year: 2014

Note: 5/5



13 thoughts on “Review: Unforgettable Hearts by Emily A. Lawrence (Soul’s Desire #2)

  1. Andreea Ilie says:

    Great review! 😀
    I have a ebook by this author (“The Guardian of My Soul”), but I don’t know english very well. Maybe, someday, I’ll read it. ❤

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